Arts populaires, Arts Savants (Popular Arts, Scholar Arts)
Episode from the series Savoies, Mémoire d’un Pays (Savoy, Memory of a country)

In 2009, when she contacted the Savoie Regional Film Library for one of her new documentary projects, it came to Aurélie’s attention that a documentary series showing different aspects of the history and culture of the Savoie region was planned for the 150th Anniversary of the incorporation of the Savoie region to France. Aurélie accepted to take part in the filming of this documentary series and was entrusted with directing of one of the episodes: Popular Arts, Scholar Arts. In under 30 minutes, she has to give an overview of different artistic and cultural practices, while understanding the links between popular practices, religious practices and other customs of the court of Savoie.

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2010 – 26 minutes.