La Mémoire Effilochée (A frayed Memory) :

Christiane is full of life. But, at over 70 years old, her memory is starting to play her tricks on her. Her son, Hubert Abécassis, decides to film the moments he spends with her, while she still has her spirit and personality. In 2007, things deteriorate. She has Alzheimer’s, and soon, she won’t be able to live on her own. She has not lost her joie de vivre, but her thoughts and memories start to wander around, between a past, very present, and a present overtaking her, where she sometimes finds herself lost. The nurses who help to care for her at home appreciate this woman who is full of humour, but can only worry about her degeneration. That is why Hubert talks to Aurélie Grospiron. She decides to spend time with the old lady, who nevertheless, manages to retain a small part of her lucidity….

2008 – 80 minutes